Monday, October 13, 2008


I was reading Lynnie’s blog. It seems that she pretty much dislikes Air Asia. I can’t blame her. Since I was a baby I have always been on MAS flights. So the trip to KK was my first experience on an Air Asia flight. Ever since flown a couple of times in and out of KL with Air Asia. Well what do you expect? It’s after all a buget airline. Where else can you get an air ticket with that kind of rate? But ask me if I would fly with Air Asia again, I would say it depends. I had always pretty much dislike LCCT. See the thing is for the past one year, each time I am on my way to LCCT, I am always crying, sulking or doing both at the same time. It has got to do with sending someone off at that time. So now, although I’m pretty much over it, let’s say I am a little traumatized. Even driving myself to LCCT now brings the chills. Having said that, my trip back from KK was nasty. Even for a petite girl like me, it was so difficult to stretch myself in their seats. By the time I got down the plane 2 and a half hours later, I was practically in contractures, cramps plus a neck pain and a headache. I really wonder how guys can sit still through the whole flight with their longer legs and broader shoulders. It was super uncomfy.

Other than that, the check in was smooth. My luggage is always over the quota limit (I do not know how to travel light). Well I wasn’t fined for it. The boarding area is not too bad, nothing like KLIA but it’s comfy enough for me. As long as I don’t go hunting for snacks (I’m a junk addict) which are exorbitant in airports, I’m pretty much OK. My flights were never delayed lucky for me. no lost luggages. When it was time to board, everyone in LCCT are real civillised. No rushing to the gate, pushing or yelling. Everyone quietly pick their bags and queue in one line. Ermm.. cant say the same for KK though. When I was on my way back, there were 4 lines all trying to push their way into a single fold. The glares and stares, my goodness… Fortunately for me I usually check in my luggages ( a family tradition, we don’t lug them around). So I only have to carry myself, my boarding pass and hand bag. My typical on air outfit: a sweater donned over shorts/jeans matched with a pair of lazy man shoes for comfort, hula hoop earrings, watch (a must) and my huge sun glasses.

So if I have to go anywhere alone and I’m paying for it, I wouldn’t mind Air Asia too much. Imagine if I have kids and we are going off for a holiday, Air Asia is a big no no. During peak seasons, often kids are seated separately from their parents. I’ll definitely go for airlines where seats are numbered and given. I once heard this hubby telling the wifey who was in heels “ you take the luggage and RUN first. I’ll carry the kid and CHASE behind.” GOD!! What kind of holiday is that?? Any husband asking me to run on an airport runway where everyone can see you through the tinted glasses of the boarding hall is just asking for a domestic war. I don’t need unnecessary stress at such instances. I’ll seriously go insane even before the holiday has started.

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