Saturday, October 11, 2008


Haha.. I was asked on various attempts why I avoid writing about it. Well because there really isn’t much to be said. Firstly I think for me, to be able to do freelancing first do away with the stage fright and public speaking. Well you might ask where is the relevance? There is at least on my personal opinion. It helps get rid with self conscience. I think it started back off when I was 6 in kindy school. It was the year end concert and I was to give a speech. At the tender age of 6 years, I have then already discovered the technique of looking straight back at the auditorium’s wall, smile and talk as if you are addressing the entire crowd of spectators. This was followed by a waltz performance. My partner who was another scrawny 6 years old in nervousness punched me in the stomach and then step me on the foot all in one dance. The best part of it all, I did not even flinched and completed the dance without so much of a mistake.

By the age of 10 the whole gang of us girls (who are all still the greatest of friends today and probably till death do us part) were in cheerleading. Then our school held an audition for the Kanak- Kanak Angkasapuri children program. Does anyone remember the cartoon character Ah Long? At that time a few of us were singing solo during auditions and before we knew it, smiling, talking away in front of cameras and lightings. Thinking back I have no idea where I found the guts to sing solo in front of a group of talent scouts, teachers and students.

When I first started off in sem 10, DR. K (my respect for him is tremendous for he was one of those who helped draw my future path to be an obstetrician) was saying that I should have continued freelancing. The money would have been better. Probably.. but the competition, the stress and working hours in not as glamorous as many would think it is. Most importantly my passion lies with medicine. I had always wanted to be a practicing clinician more than anything else in this world. Not the click, click, flash, flash lifestyle. Especially when one has to wear winter clothes in our hot weather or skimpy outfits in air con rooms. Well enough is enough. The experience that came with it includes being able to do my own make up now and carry myself well. Even that, one tends to appreciate the fresh clean matt look after having put tons of make ups ever so frequent. But till today dressing and colour combination are two important aspects in life for me. I admit I do tend to judge others or rather my first impression falls with a person’s dressing. So ya girls giving me that haughty I’m much prettier look or ex bfs (not necessary mine) going for pretty girls in spiteful revenge has no effect on me at all. When one is so used to the presence of good looking people around, then you realize that beauty is only skin deep. Well of course that does not mean I chose to be the next ugly Betty. No where near. If given a choice in life? I would have still chose the same path and be a doctor. The work is more gratifying. And I’ll probably make the same mistakes over again too.


Sha said...

Eh, eh, what freelancing did you do? Never tell also!

yenlywong said...

yeah.. not many know about it. tell you more when we meet up again?