Saturday, October 18, 2008


‘PHOTOBATICUS CHANI’. A name of a newly discovered stick insect found by locals for the collection of a naturalist Datuk Chan in Penampang, Sabah. Hence the name of the insect is named after him. Hey I thought it is interesting. I am not a fan of bugs, insects and I don’t go collecting them. That’s probably the last thing I would do. But it shows that mother nature is still well preserved in certain parts in our region.

Teng brought us to Penampang on the way up to Kundasang. He was like “ you got to try Penamapang mee.” Which we did. Well to me it was fried wantan mee with char siew, vege and eggs. The portion was huge and the price was reasonable. But Eve and I only ate half the portion of our noodles and Teng was like “You two should have just shared.” Yeah we should. Anyway the noodles were served with chilli sauce. Eve accidentally ‘kena’ her eyes and ouch it must be painful. Anyway after that, YC insisted to cross the ‘unhanging’ Penampang hanging bridge. The hanging brige was secured on all sides by metal bars that it didn’t budge one bit. A different story altogether when we were up the canopy walk at the hot spring. I can’t remember the name of the place. Since Yc wanted to cross the unhanging bridge and Teng was to fetch her across the bridge, I joined her. hehe.. I am such a dear friend. It was a sunny day (I so don’t want to get tan) but yet didn’t want to leave her alone, I crossed the bridge with her. Did I ever mention that I have problems with height? I didn’t even anticipate the canopy walk that afternoon.

Reminds me that I kinda miss the Long Island Tea (a drink with a combination of whiskeys) we had in Yayasan Sabah. The first jug they brought to our table was ughh DILUTE!! The second one was not much better (KC and I asked the waitress to try a sip from our first jug), so by the time it was last glass, I took KC’s vodka lime and mixed it both. Yup it was much better subsequently. Back at Teng’s place that night, YC, KC and I knocked out (dead and motionless) out of a whole week of exhaustion on a queen size bed. No kicking, snoring, yanking of blanket..

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