Friday, October 10, 2008


Last week clubbing was cancelled because every other one was busy and I was in Penang. It was suppose to be the SSM Form 5 Science gang reunion kinda thing. Got another offer to club this week but feeling below the weather at the moment. It’s the time of the month.. ughh.. I just want to lie beneath the blanket and hibernate. I am feeling bloated like a polar bear. Sigh.. I have yet to try MOS (Ministry of Sound). Some said it’s pretty good. Just the thought of not being able to have a decent sleep for the next 2 years makes me want to sleep all I can now. My only worry? Having to readjust my biological clock when time comes. Been having insomnia for the last 2 nights. Must be the health cum beauty drink that my mom made me take. I practically needed clippers to keep my eyes open in HOSPIS today. Thank goodness for WT’s endless jokes and my future MIL’s popular home brewed coffee. Its’ to die for.

Another reason for not clubbing is to catch Amazing Race Asia Season 3. Oliver and Mai were finally eliminated today. Thank goodness. You know what I think? Couples looking for a break up should seriously take on this race. Have anyone watched the way the married couple fought in season 2? God help them. Tish and Geoff in Season 3. Personally I think they are cute minus the squabbles of course. But hey they are hanging on pretty well. Hmm.. as much as the race is already over, still pretty much hoping that Bernie and Henry would be the champs. I can sense a flu coming. Off to look for anti histamines.

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