Monday, October 13, 2008


The reason daddy took the day off and sends the car to PUSPAKOM so soon was of course to renew the road tax that expires today and secondly he has this nagging feeling that I am going to get posted to East Malaysia. Well probably because the only other junior doctor he has ever met, Johnny was working in KK. So daddy probably foresee the same fate for his daughter. If that is the case, I would need my car with me. I probably would only get my baby fixed up once I know where I get posted to. If she has to travel to the east by ship, God’s knows the damage and scratches it’s going to cause. If I repair her now and she get damaged in the process, I’ll end up with heamatemesis. You know I was all the time pretty confident that I was going to get posted in a hospital in KL. Of course that was till recently I found out that KL hosps are FULL!!! Call it learned helplessness. Right now if I get sent off to Kuching, KK or Tawau, I’ll just go. Fed up of the waiting. ok ok I admit, KK and Kuching are not too bad. Its only the thought of transporting the car, my ever so huge wardrobe (the extra large luggage bags with rollers, I might need 7 to 8 of those), shoes (tons of it), books, make ups, accessories, hair dryer, facial products, laptops, comforter and my favourite pillows. Not to mention, when I get there I need to buy an iron, toiletries, things for my laundry, hangers, more pillows, junk food, kitchen stuffs and furnitures. That means I’ll probably need to be loaded with cash. And what is gonna happen to JJ? He’ll be an orphan. if I bring him over, he has to be quarantined a month. Well my plan is to get MRCOG part 1 done within this 2 years. And what if I don’t get retain in the general hospital after 2 years and get discarded some where peripheral? I wont be able to train then. You know what? I’m going to stop here and pray that I’ll get posted in KL. This is depressing me out.

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