Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was in the mamak last night when I saw a family of four by our table. The 2 kiddos a girl and a boy were adorable. so i smiled a them. They smiled back. damm cute... Both look like they walked out from a milk formula advertisment. Anyway half way tru mamaking, felt a tap on my side. I turned and saw the little boy staring at me.
him: can i have a hug?
me: Stunned... how old are you?
him: put up 4 fingers... u r pretty.. hug hug? he opened his arms
me: blushing fot the first time after a compliment. but i obliged and gave him the hug..
him: thank u. he went back to his stunned parents..

His dad must be thinking if my son is this flirtatious at the age of 4 God knows what happens 20 years later. I am sure this boy will grow up to have many girlfriends. I think I am in love with the little Romeo I just met.

Alf called again this morning. So sweet... I love that man...
Got to get ready to go HOSPIS to meet another group of patients today.

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