Saturday, October 11, 2008


My normal hair maintenance routine (which is about every 3 to 4 days once )includes:
1. Putting on hair mask
2. Steam it with a hot towel
3. Sit in front of the TV for 45 mins waiting for the mask to work
4. Rinse my hair followed by washing and conditioning
5. Sit in front of a stand fan for another 15 mins to dry my hair
6. Application of moisturizer
7. Brushing it straight
When my hair used to be curly, step 7 was unnecessary. So today my mother was like, “You are crazy. Cut your hair and it’ll save you all the trouble.” Cut my long precious hair? That’s suicide. Even if I am so busy during internship that I won’t have time to do the above or wash my hair, I’m so still not going to cut it. Trimming if needed cut no. I’ll pack along leave on hair shampoo for on calls if I have to. I miss my curly hair. So it’s already a huge sacrifice for me to straighten it with work in mind. More manageable for you people who might wonder why. Plus it was already damage anyhow (work related). Not that I don’t look good in straight hair of course. Haha..
Hmm.. I haven’t been to gym for the last couple of days. My thighs and triceps are getting erm… untone. Laziness..

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