Monday, October 13, 2008


Right after this Chinese New Year, I packed to move from Seremban to Batu Pahat. Packing here not only means my clothes, pillows, toiletries and kitchen utensils. It also meant taking apart a 2 feet tall cupboard, a study table, a computer table, a couple of book racks, move them to BP and then fixing them back all up again for another stupid 6 months. Putting them up in Seremban was mostly the job of one bf and Ade (an ex housemate). When it was time to take them apart, Ade was not around to help, my dad and bf at that time (a different one) thought I was too spoilt and that I should be doing things on my own. So was I left with a choice? YC was around to help but it was more of us taking apart our own furnitures. So after packing my clothes, books, utensils, soft toys, toiletries and pillows into different boxes, got them labeled, ( I accumulated so much rubbish in my 2 years stay in Sban), I started the task of unscrewing my cupboards. I sat down diligently with a screwdriver in hand, my hair bundled up, started banging and unscrewing. God it was tough labour man. I knew daddy and bf then (ex now) wouldn’t be helping but I needed to release tension so I called, dad first..

Me: come help me take down the cupboards la.. sban only 45 mins away from KL.
Dad: No.. time to learn to do things on your own..
Me: It’s not about independence. This is hard labour.
Dad: I say no.. do it yourself..
Me: Argh…

Then I called bf next. As usual only picked up after the umpteenth time.. work it seems. He was in KK so it’s not like he was going to make it there to help but still the comfort of knowing that he would like to would have been nice.. instead it turned out this way:

Me: working?
Him: ya.. very busy… (nothing new, I was mouthing the answers as he said it..)
Me: U love me?
Him: ya.. y la?
Me: When u finish work, wanna fly to sban, help me take down the cupboards? U can still fly back in time to start work again tomorrow.
Him: I can’t..
Me: (thinking that he must be very busy) oh how come? On call again?
Him: I got a MU game tonight. I can’t miss it…
Me: What???? (He didn’t even pretend to say yes. Sometimes honesty kills..)
Him: Hon.. I call u later. I have to go out grab a fast dinner before the MU game starts..

Yes.. You guessed it. In the midst of the MU game, he never called back and my memory is superb when it comes to conservations. By the time I finished, it was close to 1 am. YC helped packed some of the furnitures into my car. We actually successfully fit the 2 feet cupboard into my HONDA City. Went to ADila’s place and unload them. That girl had a 5 ton lorry which was going to ferry the furnitures to BP.

In BP, start out with another task of setting them up. My dad came along with me this time but he didn’t help. He still strongly believes that all these hard labour will make me a better person. I didn’t bother calling bf this time, I’ll probably end up with depression if I did. Tripped once but eventually put everything back up. Well I do have a bruise on my right thigh the size of a small durian that took a month to rid off. The only problem was the furnitures were a little shaky. Hey have you seen my size? Putting them up is one thing. Using all my energy to screw them tight is another. At the end of 6 months in BP, I single handedly unscrew everything (didn’t bother calling anyone this time) and transported them to Peniel’s place (CK helped this time using my car). I’ve been applying tons of hand lotions of different brand daily now for the damage done.

So did I become a better person as my dad had hoped out for? Surprisingly I did. Just last week my mom fell in love with an antique table at a cousie’s place in Sri HArtamas. So she and I both (again using my car) went to collect it. Cousie decided to give it to my mom as a present. The table was about 1 foot tall. Problem was it cannot be dismantled. Its an antique, what do you expect? Mom and cousie’s maid tried la fitting the table into the car but failed. I was standing under the shade watching. In the end, mom gave up and looked a little dejected. So out of impatience, I yanked the table left, right, horizontal and viola.. it went in!!! I was so delighted. My mom could hardly breathe. She was probably afraid that I would have tear the car apart in the process of my ‘GANASness’. So we successfully moved the miserable table home. Daddy was like “ I told you so!!!” According to him, where ever I get posted to I’m independent enough. I can put up my own furnitures. What??? After all that I went through??? He still expects me to do it?? From now on, I’m getting a place fully furnished or I’ll just pay someone to do it.

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