Wednesday, October 15, 2008


According to my exs housemates, I am a MILO ADDICT. It’s seriously true. Almost every other night be it in KL, Seremban or Batu Pahat I’ll drag my daddy, housemates or bf to the mamak. I just need my hot cup of MILO. And if for reasons mamak sessions are cancelled, about 11 plus you’ll hear me in the kitchen ‘cling clang cling clang…’ Yes I am making my MILO. Call me a baby if you have to. I just cant live without it. On several occasions my mom substituted the MILO with VICO. Well she thought at the rate I was drinking (and my drink gotta be KOW) it was cheaper to buy VICO. She was hoping that I was unable to tell the difference. No no.. after a single sip, you can hear me whinning away. In fact I am drinking it now as we speak.

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