Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Most people would say that clubbing is best done without your significant half. You get to meet people (of opposite gender), drink over the limit then puke, drive recklessly subsequently, probably have a one night stand (only for those who believe in it) and most importantly party on with friends without having being nag the whole night long. This is what I gather from many of my guy friends so to speak. But for me as a girl, clubbing with bf has its advantages. Someone to take care of me the entire night, prevent others scoundrels from hitting on me (I seriously cant stand it), ensure that my drinks don’t get spiked (provide my bf doesn’t do it himself) and to drive me home subsequently. Plus I love dancing with my bf and I get free hugs the whole night long. Unlike other girls, if my bf wants to go clubbing and I’m not up for it, I’ll still encourage him to go ahead. Hmm.. in fact one of the more important criteria of being my bf is to be able to drink better than me in addition to being successful of course. Ask any of my exes, they have yet to see me drunk. Well I think guys who can hold their alcohol are pretty cool provided you are not an alcoholic. If you are afraid that a guy will cheat, no amount of holding him back will help. It’s gonna happen sooner or later.

Clubbing single has its fun like you really get to spend time with friends and all. But seriously when you get oogled at the podium or every Tom, Dick and Harry offers to buy a drink it gets sickening. For instance, not too long ago, at Velvet, I was pushing my way to the ladies (alcohol can be a nasty diuretic at times) when this guy came up..

Him: hi
Me: (raised my eye brows at him)??
Him: been watching you dancing. Care to join me and my friends?
Me: no
Him: Just for a drink. It’s harmless.
Me: No (I just want to go to the ladies)
Him: ok, what about if I just get you a quick drink at the bar?
Me: no
Him: then can I know ur name then?
Me: (seriously, shut up already!!) no
Him: a dance at least?
Me: you want to follow me to the ladies? We can tango there…

Conversation ended. Let’s say I just left him standing there probably a little stunned while I continue pushing my way to the ladies. I really just want to pee..

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