Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today a sister and couple of nurses from GHKL came to HOSPIS. They are going to be with us for a week to learn about oncology I think. So I was telling the sister that GHKL was my first and only choice of hosp in KL. What are my chances I asked? Her reply “oh it’s FULL!” Y la? I have been hearing that word so often now that I am close to depression. Oh this sister used to work under Dato Siva. She was a staff nurse then in the OnG department in GHKL. She has absolute respect for that man. ME too I said. One of a kind lecturer. So I asked her what are the chances of doing MOship there in OnG? I think the smile she gave me was meant to be sympathetic. You know what? I’ll probably go back Seremban and tag Dato Siva around. sigh.. I am seriously doomed.

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