Saturday, October 11, 2008


The stories of Penan girls alleged to be sexually abused are splashed across all papers nation wide. Star paper highlighted the issue a couple of days back. I really am dense no ignorant. Maybe this is a result of me staying in the urban areas (KL is a metropolis soon to be megalopolis I think) for the last 24 years. Never knew that girls were still being exploited this way in our country right under our nose. Here I thought that such acts only occur in countries that are less developed. It’s really a shame. All these young girls are asking for is a ride to school. It would take a week if they were to go on foot. Whatever it is, MCA Wanita and the NGO bodies should really investigate if the allegations are true. I am sure the logging companies do not condone such acts so catch the culprits. At times like this I really am thankful for the life I am leading now. I shouldn’t be complaining so much.

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