Saturday, October 11, 2008


A couple of friends commented on my post entitled Men vs women. Something about the scenarios being very true but I am not practicing it myself. What can I say? It is easier practicing certain things when your other half is around. Different when it boils down to a long distance relationship. Ok bad enough it is a LDR and in addition one is dating a houseman. (the only thing I am thinking now is of a double cheese burger with double the cholesterol.. nvm I know it’s lame) No No I am not blaming anyone. A job as a houseman is no easy task and I think he did fabulous (if the stories he told me were true and I have a photographic memory, it has seen me tru medical school). Ask either one of us a year ago and we probably tell you that we have the entire future planned ahead. The only thing I probably couldn’t stand was his sentence “ our kids would have your looks but my brains.” I know I am hot but he thought I was a bimbo or something.

Well today I can say I am pretty proud of myself. I juggled my first LDR for a year in the midst of stress of graduating. It is different if your boy/girlfriend is another undergrad pursuing his/her studies abroad. Try dating a junior doctor over the oceans. For a whole year we fought over one thing only. Yup LDR and nothing else. Thinking back, why didn’t we get sick of fighting over the same thing? By the end of the road (regardless who called it quits first), it must have been partially a relief for both. The tantrums, the harsh words, threats and tears were silent killers.

Too much has happen I suppose. The pain felt by both sides was because the feelings ran deep. Read men vs women scenario 3. The comments from friends ranges from, “you guys are so cute”, “ but you both are so vain, it fits” , “what happens to JJ, he gets to travel btw KK n KL now? ” and “you have too much in common: both egoistical and stubborn.” Well it’s the last that hits. It’s very true. Either that or haven’t you notice that a good looking partner always settle down with a less good looking half. When you have a cute couple, well you’ll probably end up fighting who’s better looking. Haha.. I’ll definitely win. He’ll make a good husband and daddy to whoever, that I am very sure.

Well things ended on a sour note but he’s a great guy and I have my respect for him even till now. Though I choose to tell him otherwise just to get back for the lack of attention. Half a year ago, if you had asked me, I would say that I love him crazy still. But now yeah it’s respect that I have. I really hope I pretty much don’t have to go through LDR again but if I have to (when the next one come along and it’ll be the last), then I am sure I can deal with it so much better. Check out my new year’s resolutions. Yup I would definitely be a sweeter gf . I hate fights. It depresses me. And these few months, a lot of new friendships were forged. Having joined HOSPIS was one of the best decisions I made. See its funny. If things were how they used to be, I would be in KK splurging money like a bimbo for 2 months. I would have not met these people. Funny how God works. So really I have no regrets it begin or ended. Am I over it? Yes, long ago. Will we ever get back? We are at 2 ends of the country. What’s more? I have no idea where the future will take me. Not even sure if I want to settle down in KL, KK or Msia for that matter. Grabbing every opportunity for the sake of my career is the upmost priority now. Plus it’s my turn working day and night. So my answer stays, Let it be God’s will.

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