Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is the name of a Korean horror movie I watched when I was in BAtu PAhat. I watched about a hundred horror movies during my 6 months stay there. Ya kinda reflects how hardworking I am then. ughh.. but for some particular reason this movie is permanently stuck in my head. Probably it was one of the movies that I hid in my room to watch at midnight with the lights off. Yes I don’t scare easily. How to be scared? I was watching an average of 2 horror movies a day. 4 when I don’t go back on weekends. To the extent that I have ran out of horror movies to watch now. Be it English, Korean, Japanese or Cantonese.

It’s about a local legend, Muoi who fell in love with a man. I think the man loves her too (well the movie was not translated so yeah I’m basing it on facial expressions). But unknown to Muoi, the man was actually engaged to a wealthy woman. So the typical la, man leaves Muoi promising that he’ll be back. Muoi waited but to no avail. Ai.. men!!! FiancĂ©e found out and went into rage. Brought along a couple of men with her to the village to hunt down Muoi. Broke her limbs and disfigured her face with acid (never try stealing another woman’s man). Muoi heartbroken commited suicide. Vowed to come back for revenge. She did come back. But even her spirit got conned. So cam… the man who realize that he would never leave his fiancĂ©e, painted a pic of Muoi and with the help of a monk entrap her soul in it. So many years later, her spirit was released by a dumb female journalist. and what’s not la..

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