Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Shit!! I was shopping today AGAIN and I came back home empty handed. Ughh.. something is so wrong with me. I was in KLCC this time. It was like Touch n Go, no I mean Take n Go.. Shop after shop, I was just grabbing outfits that well I like and trying them on. I think I spend an hour and a half in Zara. Hey shopping is therapeutic. It takes away my problems and stress. Anyway I was in GIORDANO, ISETAN, MARKS & SPENCERS, MANGO, PHILOSOPHY, VERSACE, GUESS, ESPRIT, BRITISH INDIA, NINE WEST, FERAGAMO, PADINI, CHANEL, MAX MARA, SALABIANCA, WATSON, etc…


I think I am starting to have a conscience. I probably tried at least 100 outfits. I am for real. But the bikinis, barebacks, spagetthis, pumps, shorts, minis… I’m like what if I get sent to Tawau? I cant possible wear these there. So each time I end up putting back everything that I had tried. You know what? All these talks about KL hosps being FULL is eating me. damm it!!! I left.. Daddy works at the ExxonMobil Upstream company in KLCC. So decided to join him for lunch. All is well. Daddy knows the best places to eat in KL so not all is lost.

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