Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Since we are at the topic on ‘PERSISTENCE’, this is another experience while checking out of KK custom.

Custom officer: Hi
Me: (dreading it already..) hi
Him: you not from here?
Me: No, going back to KL.. ( I was nice in case he didn’t let me through and the thought of being stranded in KK was not pleasant..)
Him: you are here for?
Me: sigh.. (what should I tell him?) HOLIDAY
Him: oh I see.. U a student? u like it here in sabah?
Me: (why does he care? By then YC and eve were long in the boarding area and I am still stuck there)I just graduated so call me what ever you want.. sabah is ok.
Him: graduated from where? Sabah or KL?
Me: (IS this the normal routine questions they ask at KK’s custom?) ( I was still nice just in case..) KL
Him: so where did you visit in Sabah?
Me: (arghh.. If I miss my flight,. I’ll kill him) kudat, kk, islands, blah, blah..
Him: ever coming back?
Me: (NEVER if you are gonna be here) we’ll see..
Him: ok you may pass now. It was nice meeting you.
Me: smile…(I should have just checked out at YC’s counter)

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