Thursday, October 16, 2008


Woo.. Aunt Helen, a HOSPIS volunteer was actually colleagues of Sister Teh and Sister Rosalynn (our dear nurses in IMU Seremban). Being an old timer, gosh she is good. Definitely reminds me of our darling sisters in uni. She was a trained CCU nurse. So today as I was bumping about in the kitchen (the one in HOSPIS), Aunt Helen was practically giving me emergency cardio scenarios, ECG (l like interpretating ECGs) and of course providing me the step wise solutions. VT/VF… oohh.. plus the secret of getting arterial blood fast.

Raymond our physiotherapist was asking me the anatomy of our musculoskeletal system. Gulp.. those of you who knows me well knows my fancy for orthopaedic. Completely zero. So it was a miracle that I was able to recall the muscles of our back and chest wall in detail. The lemon orange poppy seeds cake made by Caitriona (an oncology nurse from Australia), butter cake by Irene, ‘gula hangus’ cake (it’s like moist choc) by Neera (a patient) and Aunt Helen’s buns were fabulous. Last Tuesday, we celebrated Mr Yap’s (a patient) birthday with a cheese cake topped with blueberry topping and fruits made by Irene. Someone not sure who came up with a candle that serenades the birthday tune. Interesting!!! Judy had her signature scallop porridge. Brianni rice, curry chicken, rojak and salad were catered. Once I remembered, lunch was lemang, beef rending and chicken floss. Impressive huh? Gosh I think I am going to gain weight if I go on working there. Let’s not forget the huge pot of tong sui each time. I am figuring I’ll probably bring something for the patients next week too. I was thinking about a cake but practically every other cake of different kinds has been tried. And food gotta be halal. Ideas anyone? Not all patients like spicy food. And less sugar to cater for the diabetic patients. WHAT??? I am sure some of the patients would be delighted if I stock the place up with chocs but nah don’t want to get into trouble.

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