Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last night daddy was asking his girls if they wanted to go out for breakfast the next day or our mom to buy it back. All three chorused “BUY BACK.” Actually there isn’t any point in asking any of us. See going out breakfast would mean that the 3 of us would have to wake up early like about 8 or so. That’s the time when mom does marketing you see. Our normal waking hours on holidays/weekends:
1. Youngest sis: 9 to 930 am
2. Me: 10 to 1030 am
3. Second sis: 1030 to 11 am
So having to wake up for breakfast seem pretty much like a chore for us. Each specifically told dad what we wanted mom to buy for breakfast. Probably a miscommunication occurred between my parents because my mom ended up buying different food for everyone. So imagine how agitated my parents were when each daughter came down at a half hourly interval and go “ Why did you buy this? Where’s my breakfast?” So mom blames dad and dad blames mom. It was hilarious. Then dad ccommented he is going to move out of this house and be a bachelor again. He can’t stand being surrounded by females. Too many complains he said. Mom thinks dad is aging. Blames it on his poor memory. Her next words? Wait till the grandchildren start appearing (yes I think the hint was meant for me). Then my dad would need to buy those small triple 5 note books to take breakfast/lunch/dinner order. Worse when each child/grandchild wants to eat a different thing. My mom was already foreseeing her future headache when she has to babysit her grandchildren. Give me a break.. That’s it. Enough of the grandchildren talk. I told my sisters to eat what my parents bought. Period!! If I hadn’t my mom would probably launch in to her criteria of potential sperm donors.

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