Saturday, October 11, 2008


I like weekdays better. Work, shop, club, my favourite TV shows are all on the weekdays. When the weekends come I am just cornered to my room aimless and bored out of my skull. Weekends are the worst time to shop cause of the traffic and crowd, ladies night is on weekdays and there is absolutely nothing to watch on ASTRO. BORING!!!

I am already planning my next getaway.BALI!! Doubt there would be time to go anytime soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some time off next year to do it. Be it with friends, family or a special someone. We’ll see.. hmm.. what lake was it? Was it Bako or Bato? I don’t recall. Got to know this little piece of information from another volunteer in HOSPIS. There’s a golf course located up on a volcano. An inactive one I presume. Anyway it is ranked one the most beautiful course in the world. So when this guy (the volunteer) said he is spending the entire holiday in the villa, I was like “ what in the world for??.” Go sight seeing la for goodness sake. Or down to the pub by the beaches and hang out with the Aussies. It seems that the villa provides 4 hours of free massage daily for couples. And the interesting bit? Different kind of body massage each time. Plus meals are prepared by locals in your villa. All you have to do is tell them what you wanna eat. They would then do the marketing and prepare thejc bh dishes right in front of your eyes. So basically each couple is entitled to their own massage masseurs and chef. Interesting huh? Have anyone seen the villas in Bali? Check out the latest addition of Haven magazine. It’s absolutely breathtaking. As long as a tsunami doesn’t wash up ashore. A note to myself, I have to get back to him and check out how much that holiday cost him.

Talking about the Haven magazine, I was just idolizing about my future dream home. It would be filled with mirrors. Doorways, the master bedroom, the bathroom and maybe on the refrigerator door. Haha.. the other half of the refrigerator door will have an incorporated TV for the maid. A walk in wardrobe, a piano, plasma TV, pool table, wine rack, a giant bath tub are all necessities. Will definitely pick out my own door, floor and tiles. I have this thing for hard wood. The heavier the door the better. I love gardens and ponds but absolutely detest gardening. So that we’ll see.. Two doggies : a big one outside and a toy pup inside. Well I can day dream cant I.. with the mere income of a government servant, looks like I better hunt for a rich other half before I can have my dream home. Damm..

Ultimately I still stay by my tagline, don’t find a person you can live with but find a person that you can’t live without. Some girls have tons of admirers and some guys date/ flirt/ lust for tons of girls. But eventually they are all people we can live with. And also live without. They come and go. How do we know? Can you imagine having children with someone and then holding his/her hands at the age of 80? Then you probably found him/her. Screw the dream home. Happiness can’t be measured by materialistic wealth.

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