Saturday, October 11, 2008


I should seriously consider turning this blog into an ‘Ask Thelma corner.’ Well this Thelma specializes on relationships. You see I always thought I can be a needy and demanding gf with my share of tantrums, tears, threats and what’s not. No I am not guilty admitting it because I can happily blame it on my hormones. A guy’s famous words ‘pretty girls are harder to handle.’ Yup my confidence is rocketing sky high when it comes to physical appearance. In my opinion, high estrogen level contributes to feminism or in other words beauty. And as we all know estrogen also causes mood swings. So viola!!! Does that explain why pretty girls and mood swings comes as a package? How about the old saying that beautiful girls want things their way? Hmm.. I would say 90% of the former and 10% of the latter. But now I realized how benign I am compare to other girls. From what I gather from friends, girls and guys alike, their experiences are far worst. Some examples:

1. A girl friend of mine cut up all her bf’s clothes after he broke up with her
2. Quarrels turn physical. They were hammering each other. That is a definitely no no for me.
3. After a fight, she cheated on him with a stranger.
4. She tore up all his work documents and road tax. Gasp.
5. Well one committed suicide. Sigh..
6. Her father whacked up the bf. Gosh…
7. Call the police. Hahaha..
8. Run away from home
9. Kick the bf out of the house.
10. Spike his drink with sleeping pills. What the hell for? Reduce fights?
11. Destroy his lap top
12. Puncture all 4 tyres of his car and then scratch it

Goodness. Suddenly my temper and tantrums pale in comparison with what other girls are capable of. Honestly I’m too soft. I doubt I would be able to do any of the above. My words can be harsh but the worst thing I have done? Slam the phone. How about guys? Guys tend to hurt the one they care most for. Most guys do not even realize this and think that they stop caring. The hurt inflicted is proportionate to the rejection and unappreciation they feel. Call it a self protective mechanism. Some examples accumulated from friends:

1. Raise their voice, cold, rude
2. Distant themselves, uncommunicative
3. Flirt/lust for other girls: cheat
4. Call for break up
5. Work/family becomes their priority instead
6. Commitment phobic

Though less dramatic, the hurt caused is equivalent. Well guys or girls, at the peak of anger, one would do almost anything just to hurt the other party. Many feel that using anger will get the other party to see things their way. No where close. Or you want the other party to feel the same pain that they caused us. Honestly is it worth it? The result not only is catastrophic, one would only end up regretting his/her actions or words later on. By then it’s too late for damage control.

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Sha said...

Erm...a few of the things you listed have nothing to do with tempers, tantrums or how "difficult" a gf can be.

It's more deep-rooted than that la, my dear. A relationship is a two-way thing obviously. The actions and temperament of one person will affect that of the other, and vice versa.

Goes way beyond the simple motive of revenge or getting your way or merajuking.

For example, slamming down the phone because of a quarrel and being in a toxic, unhealthy rship with someone are two entirely different predicaments.

How can the impact of having a quarrel compare with the effect of say, a partner being unfaithful? They are miles apart lor.

Causing damage to property is obviously purely a show of anger la. THAT I agree.