Friday, October 17, 2008


Daddy wants me to resume dance classes. He thinks I need to maintain my figure (hehe..) even with work and all... I'm more than happy to oblige. Prob is he wants me to take up ballroom dancing while I still want to continue with hip hop. Plus I have no ideas where I'll be posted. Dont want the classes to be half hanging. Dad expects me to continue dancing into housemanship. I like the idea too but does time permits? I have a bad ankle (and a bad elbow now). I can still dance and all. However, can I subsequently take the long hours of ward rounds and OT?

Anyone read today's Stars? Someone wrote in a complaint on being kept in the dark about our induction courses and posting. As much as I do not want to start work it is pretty sickening being kept in the dark for so long. Well looks like I get to spend more time in HOSPIS and with loved ones. Only God knows where I'll be headed of to next. But looking forward to a fresh start, new place and new faces.

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