Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It’s sickening… Call me a female chauvinist if you have to. I don’t care. But seriously what possess some guys to even get to know girls online? Enlightened me because I’m totally clueless. Each time, I logged on FAcebook, Friendster, my email account, msn, yahoo messenger… God the number of ‘I want to know you’ messages.. If anyone seriously think I’ll buy that crap and even reply don’t waste your energy. The only time I do reply is when the face looks familiar (an SSM/TAR/IMU classmate/junior/senior). In fact half the time the messages can’t even be comprehended. Like this one ‘u beautiful. Wanna fren?’ or ‘I just woke up. U?’ or ‘I come Msia find u????’ ughh… My msn and yahoo messenger are a little cuckoo these days, so consider it a blessing in disguise.

Firstly I don’t entertain people I do not know online. And when guys get to know girls through the internet community, seriously how sure are you that the pic she loaded is not her sis or daughter? Have you seen guys’ Friendster/ Facebook accounts that the friends are all females ranging from the age of 16 to 25. And his age is probably anything from 25 to 35. Plenty I am sure. His primary pic? Likely to be a shirtless him. Eeekk… half the girls age 16 to 20 in his friend profile would probably have foundation 5 layers thick, eye shadow probably 3 to 4 colours and is that red paint replacing blusher and lipstick? No seriously.. cherish the natural beauty of your youth. They’ll probably have names of fruits/ flowers/ veges/ Japanese anime characters/ days/ months/ colours/ repetition of 2 vowels like fefe. How original… To guys the more of these girls in their Facebook/Friendster account the better. Well to many other girls I am sure, the impression we get? First the guy is desperate and the girls they add aint better. So don’t think that we are interested to be part of your girls only group. Seriously only guys so desperate for a partner (cause his looks or attitude fail to get him one in real life) has to resort to the virtual community.

My message is if another asshole who sends me a ‘u beautiful, be fren?’ email, I’ll seriously scream. Get a life.

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