Saturday, October 18, 2008


Was ransacking my room and I found a couple of miniature vodkas (I completely forgot their existence). Must have brought them way back. Pure vodka, fruity mix and what’s not. So I opened the bottle with the fruity mix and took a gulp. YUCK!! If I had to go cold turkey on alcohol, this would probably be the drink to give me. It tasted so bad in my opinion anyway. What possess me to buy it in the first place? But I needed the bottle and lucky for me, my mom just stocked the fridge with lemons. So yeah had to squeeze a couple of lemons and put tons of ice to get rid of the fruity taste. Blueorgh…. Gave half to my mom (I learnt to drink from my mom by the way) and I dunked the rest down. Ikksss… I am drinking alcohol in bright day light. Does that mean I am an alcoholic already? Haha..

Reminds me that daddy gave Uncle Ronnie (mom’s older brother) a bottle of chivas 12 for his birthday. So yup, Hoi L eng (cousie) and me were helping ourselves to it. Man, that girl can drink. That’s my cousie!!! After god knows how many glasses in a restaurant in Penang, we were gonna head to a pub. But Uncle Ronnie wanted K session. Seriously I can’t sing to save my soul but anything to indulge the birthday boy. There, there were another 3 jugs of Heinekken and 2 bottles of wine. Mom was telling me not to mix alcohol. Amateurs are not supposed to mix their drinks for the night. Taking brandy or beer after whiskey will only get a person drunk faster plus gives you a headache. But hehe.. did I listen? What do you think? I wasn’t driving mah… seriously the number of glasses of chivas and heinekken I took that night was nothing. Mom was there eyeing me. Next day I was up by 8 am lounging by the hotel pool. Skipped the hotel’s breakfast buffet (mom and youngest sis went) to keep my tummy for Penang’s hawker food. Nope, no headaches or hangovers.. I was sober enough to drag mom to Gurney Mall (it was only walking distance) to buy me the dress I eyed on the day before.

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