Friday, October 10, 2008


You know ever since graduation, I have been travelling a bit be it for work or a retreat. But do I get to go off with a peace of mind? The answer is a blunt NO! See the thing is we have too many pets at home. A male mix breed Ah Fu, a female mix breed Muffin, my male terrapin Coco, my mom’s fishes (nameless and I don’t go gawking at them) and the dearest to me would be my baby boy JJ. To go off each time, we have to ensure that each is properly fed, bathed and poo poo.. One week away in KK, I was practically calling home each night to ensure that JJ was fed by my sister and of course in the right portion. Since he tends to drink excessively one moment and then fast the next couple of days depending on his sanity, his bowel output tends to be a little erratic at times. So I need to have that sorted out to. My mom will see to the other pets. When the family was away in Penang, the maid was to see to the pets’ needs. Unfortunately she had only seen to the dogs while the terrapin and fishy must have been starving for a couple of days. Lucky for JJ, his food was stocked enough to last him through winter (if that had existed in our country that is).

Many people has always been curious.. Why am I so attached to JJ? Well he is after all only a hamster as most would claim. True but see hamsters usually have an average life span of a year. My boy is now 1 half years and counting. A, an ex housemate in BP was declaring that hamsters have no sense of attachment to humans. Well time after time I have proven her wrong. Firstly JJ is pretty much attention seeking. Well he probably inherited that from me. He gets depressed if nobody bothers playing with him for more than a day. Being a male, he has no regards for other male family members. He only likes female family members. The funny thing is he tends to sense my mood swings. See I have this tendency to nag him. If he senses my displeasure he gives this ‘ I am innocent look’ (wide eyes, ears down). Even if he is only a hamster, he eats like a PIG! And he is very particular about the brands of hamster food I buy. Ask my mom and you’ll know I am not lying. He rather starve then eat anything he dislikes. Anything with peanut butter is out of the question. Chocs, cheese and carrots are his favourite. Well as mentioned before he does have an attitude. That he inherited it elsewhere.

Anyway I discover a place in Sunway that provides hotel facilities for hamsters. Cool huh? Well it costs RM 11 per day. There they ensure that hamsters get a proper diet. Ears and furs are checked too. They also do tick and fleas prevention. For hamsters!!! Impressive huh? So that tells me the next time I go travelling my boy is getting boarded there. A get away for him and a relief for me. Well he never knows who he meets there right?? wink wink.. Nope I aint gonna be held responsible for any offsprings produce though.

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