Thursday, October 9, 2008


Wednesday. My off day. Woken by the barking of the neighbour’s dog at about 10ish this morning. He is probably saying that if I don’t wake up any sooner, I’ll end up in coma. Blek… Well after a long day at work in HOSPIS the previous day, I knocked out at what? 10 pm?? Anyway I had plans to do some shopping on my own today. It’s “ME” day today. I need it. So after grabbing 2 sausages and toast, showered, I was off. Took me less than 15 minutes and I was already hopping in the boutiques in Sungei Wang. Thanks to the KL roads now which have 4 lanes, my driving skill and the motivation to shop . Dressed in sports bra, a racer back T, shorts and a pair of sandals, I had on minimal make up. Only my eye brows were drawn. Wanted the fresh clean look for the day. My agenda today?? To stock up with collar clothes for work. Ughh.. so unappealing?? I know..

Hmm.. firstly I spotted this gorgeous little lycra grey T that was cut all the way down to the cleavage line at the front. Well that meant I had to wear another tube inside. It was only Rm20. I was gleefully strolling towards the pay counter when I stopped. Took a deep breath and mumbled “ girl get a grip of yourself. You are here for collar clothes!!!”. Sigh.. breathe breathe.. Grudgingly I actually place the top back into the shelf and dragged my feet out the boutique. That’s when it happened.. on my way out I bumped into a young girl (her mistake since she was so busy giggling that she can’t see where she was going). But my first instance then was to hiccup or maybe I gasped which had probably sounded like a hiccup. No not cause I was in pain. She was wearing a purple spagetthi over jean shorts with GREEN netting stockings (what in the world for?) and was that what I think it is? Ya it is.. SCHOOL SHOES!!! By then she was either very thick skinned not to realize that she bumped into me or just plain rude. She was still giggling over whatever she was giggling about. Her friend who was courteous enough to give me an apologetic smile had to drag the lunatic away.

Having gotten that incident out of my head, I was humming away to the tunes of my I Pod. Pretty much reluctant to look for my collar clothes as yet, I headed to SINMA for nail hardeners. My nails are getting very brittle these days. There weren’t many customers to begin with. So I couldn’t help but glancing at a pair of young couple who were the only other customers in there. A smart guess on their age would have concluded these two were also school going kids. What’s with kids these days? Aren’t they supposed to be in school or something? The gf here was dressed in an over sized green Mickey mouse T shirt over black tights. If I hadn’t known better that tights were considered a fashionable item now I would have thought she came in her pyjamas. On a closer look (I was ransacking for hair clips opposite them), she had on fake blue eye lashes. In broad daylight!!! Y la?? I was pretty oblivious to a salesgirl that a particular make up would go well with my fair skin tone (tell me something I dunno.. duh!!!) So the bf trying to prove that he was probably the most loving bf on planet earth was pinning purple hair clips all over his gf’s hair. She on the other hand was glancing lovingly at him and said “thanks”. GAG!!! Other than the occasional mishaps you see the bulk of the KL youngsters would still have explicit taste when it comes to dressing. For an instance, I happen to come across a young man in body hugging T,3 quarters khakis and the latest NIKE shoes. See not all is lost. Or another young girl donned with zara top, a pair of black jeans and heels. Safe and elegant. I bought 4 brand new collar shirts and a skirt. Mission accomplished. The pleasure of using my brand new upgraded CC. A graduation present by my parents and the best part of it? It would not be revoked upon starting work.

My last stop. The Hush Puppy shoe shop. I needed a pair of shoes for work with my broken ankle in mind. Ok.. so Hush puppy shoes for the females ain’t the most appealing ever. Sigh.. I tried on every pair of shoes they had in the shop (minus the men’s shoes) and nothing appeals. They are really comfortable though.. Double sigh.. Guess it’s not my typical 3 inches strappy sandals. Arghh.. anyhow keyed in a couple of models that look partially fashionable, acceptable for work, ankle pain free and sms it to my aunt. She’ll order and see to it. There another mission settled!!

When it only took me 15 minutes to reach the mall, it took me an hour to reach back home. The after work traffic was … (I have no words for it).. so maybe the 4 lanes had to be increased to 6 or 7 better still. I wouldn’t have mind shopping till the mall closes and avoid the horrendous traffic. But I promised that I would be home for dinner.

Back at home in my room, I had this interesting (in my opinion) one sided conversation with JJ, my baby..

Me: See mummy has new clothes (I held them up) but I hate KL traffic.. yuck..

Baby: he was asleep.. irritated that I woke him.. opened 1 eye and peered at me..

Me: It took me 1 hour to reach home.. And you are gaining too much weight.. ughh..

Baby: put both his ears down (tune me out), stretched, yawned, closed that 1 eye, zzzz…..

Me: ( quietly mumbled something like this..) Attitudes are inherited. And it’s definitely not from me..

So I was left to unpack my clothes alone.. yelled out for some hangers.. that’s was when my mom yelled back.. “ the house has no more hangers. 75% of them are in your room!!!!” sigh… just great!!

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