Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am your typical city girl, demanding, emotional and realistic. So I suppose with these reasons, guys tend to tell me their relationship problems. Well I think it’s pretty touching that friends trust you enough to share personal problems. Most of the time they are just looking for a girl’s point of view. Why their gf gets demanding, throw tantrums, ,expectations, PMS and gift ideas. Haha.. I am a good listener and what I hear is safely tucked away. I should probably declare myself a relationship therapist which of course am FOC. In fact this blog should just be turned into an all love affair state.

So today at Starbucks, a couple of us girls and guys were debating if couples should ever get back together once broken up? Up to them la!!! But some thought that it was a bad idea with all the resentment and problems. Hmm. Not too sure about that. Probably I beg to defer. If two people ever decide to work things out, well it only means that they are very much in love still. My point is forget the past. Isn’t the future that matters? hmm.. I did get back with an ex once months after calling it quits. I thought the second time around was much sweeter. We now knew the limits and what makes the other one happy. But we ended it anyhow because studies were our priorities then. Actually I wouldn’t even consider it getting back together or it’s a second chance thing. Consider it God’s trial. Eventually they realized that they were meant for each other.

Hehe.. it always happen to me. When I spot something that brings to my fancy in malls, I’ll be like.. “look around, maybe I’ll get something better.” And when I don’t I’ll purchase the first item, liking it even more.

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