Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ok ok before I start, Rahman called me a Florence nightingale. Aww.. so sweet. So tonight like any other Saturday night is family night. Tonight my dad wanted something low key and suggested mamaking. He is suffering from gouty arthritis of the right knee. My sisters are having their finals next week so they decided to take a rain check. NERDS!! I know I know.. Just because I am free now, I shouldn’t be mean. So I told my parents fine, we’ll go after my movie. I was watching ‘Failure to Launch.’ Anyone know the movie? It’s hilarious. It’s about this guy at his 30s was still staying with his parents. His mom who still had to do his laundry, cook his meals and clean his room. So fed up, his parents hired a girl to seduce him and get him to move out. And the rest as they say is history.

Right back to track.. so I went mamaking with my parents. Right after ordering my tosai (their popular brianni rice served with cashew nuts and raisins was out), I noticed this couple sitting on my right. No they are not good looking, the guy was erm..fat and the girl looked like she just finished clubbing at 10 pm. Anyway it was obvious there was a cold war going on. She looked pissed. He ignored her and ordered himself a nasi lemak tambah telur (explains his weight). He tucked into his food and I swear not once did he even glanced up to acknowledge her. She properly had 5 layers of foundation and it was still obvious she was sulking. Kinda feel sorry for her. Lucky for me, meals with previous bfs were always happy events. I’ll usually be gossiping and giggling the whole time through. If there were fights during meal time, I’ll probably have indigestion. Soon after the guy finished his meal, she got up and walked off. He didn’t chase after her that’s for sure. He continued enjoying his Teh O Ais. Trouble in paradise.

Then on my left side, came 2 guys. Probably about my age. They ordered 2 drinks and a plain roti canai. Well at first I didn’t give it much thought. By then my food came, tore 3 quarters of the tosai and passed it to my dad. On top of that he had half my mom’s chapatti and his roti kosong. I was happily picking on the remains and ordered another serving of fried chicken for myself. Yes my mom rolled her eyes. Out of the sudden, I think I must have choked on my food. The guys (adults by the way) were sitting side by side sharing the roti from the same plate using the same pair of fork and spoon. Goodness.. seriously I am all for free love. But even I would get an extra empty plate (usually a small one) when I pick on my bf’s or dad’s food. One guy then tucked the hair of the other behind the ears. *Fainted*

Ok you people must be thinking why in the world was I observing everyone around me? I can’t help it. My parents were engrossed with the football game displayed by the projector. I was left to find my own source of entertainment. What could be better than to see and be seen?

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