Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Oh as much as I had always wanted to be an OnG specialist, I never knew these:

1. Chinese believe in eating nothing but ginger for the first 100 days of confinement. Ginger increases the risk of neonatal jaundice. So go slow..
2. Taking ginseng during pregnancy increases the risk of post partum hemorrhage.


Maureen has her first grandchild yesterday. A baby girl!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

I was imagining myself pregnant. Hmm.. I still want a baby DRAGON ( a baby born in 2012). Ok so I’ll probably be FAT!! No guys would even glance at me then. Buy hey pregnant mothers have two extremes. Their complexions are either superbly good or dreadfully bad. Ok ok since I am daydreaming, I’ll obviously fantasize being fat and beautiful instead of being fat and ugly right. (in my dreams things like labour pain, episiotomy, linear albicans and post partum depression don’t exist) Nah I doubt I’ll be cranky or miserable due to hormone change. I’ll be too thrilled (not because I’m fat) cause I really want my own product. A replica of me!!! My baby would definitely be beautiful (boy or girl) and smart cause the mommy is. For my children’s sake, the daddy would be too.. oh, then I get to wake daddy up at 3 am to go bungkus supper. It also means more shopping, for me and the baby.. the superstitions about not being able to wash hair and only eating ginger for the first 3 months. Screw it!! I’ll probably be demanding for daddy to buy KFC or pizza post partum. I wanted to say tomyam or assam laksa but ok la I’ll go slow with the seafood first if I have wounds and all.

So to all my friends when you buy me hampers post delivery, load it with junk food. Whee…. Hehe!!!

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