Monday, October 13, 2008


Finally went and got my SPA required medical check up done. I’ve been delaying it for some time now. So there I went into this private clinic, well it was the only one near my place that offered medical check ups for civil servants. So yes they have 4 nurses. 2 Indians and the other 2 were Malays. Well they kinda assume that I was a student getting my medical check up before entering a local uni or something. Talk about RUDE!!!! You should have seen the way the 2 Indian nurses commanded me around to take height, weight and to read the dumb Snellen chart. Actually I am quite tolerant to ass holic behavior such as these. Let’s say my threshold is high. You’ll get use to it especially when one stays in KL where everyone is all high and mighty. Also because of it, I get bullied by bfs a lot more. Ughh…

Anyway, the doctor who was a Middle East foreigner hardly examined me. The worse thing was I had to translate every BM word in the form so that he could fill it. I might have just fill the damm form myself and sign it off. When I was getting my chest x ray, I was pretty tempted to tell one of the dumb nurses off. Firstly she was talking so loud, in case if I was deaf and she was commanding (not even politely asking) me to get changed, remove my necklace, hold my breath, blah, blah.. I was so close to screaming at her “ I know!! Get on with it, B****!!” Later on, she gave my form back. She must have been stamping the doc’s name and in between saw that I was a doctor. You see a 180 degree change of attitude. Fake wei!! Anyway paid the RM65 and got out of that place. VowED never to go back there.

Then I walked over to the vet shop. Besides veterinary service, they also have whole sale of animal food. That’s where I get JJ’s (hamster) and Muffin’s (doggie) food, supplements, toys, bedding, shampoo and what’s not. Let’s say I am no stranger at the clinicsince all my animals get their treatment there. Last year for instance, Captain, one of Muffin’s pup had an infected wound. So ya I had to bring him on a daily basis for wound debridement and cleansing. Muffin gets her annual vaccination from them. JJ must probably be their only hamster patient. Well there was this one time, he kept having nasal discharge and I was worried he was having carries. His diet back then was mainly chocolates and ice cream. So ya he needed treatment too. Today I was there for JJ’s food and Muffin’s bacons. Don’t ask how much those cost me. Most of my hard earned money are spent on these two anyway. Got myself a free Petster magazine. I needed multivits for JJ but they ran out of it. hmm.. JJ’s appetite has been pretty poor lately. Either that or he is just plain sick of his hamster food.

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