Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today my duty in HOSPIS was to keep an eye on a 9 years old child who was suffering from cyanotic heart disease. I think a volunteer mentioned that he has Tetralogy of Fallot. He was cyanosed and he had marked clubbing. Anyway it was one of the more exhausting days I have in HOSPIS. For a kid who complains of breathlessness, he was active. He wanted to explore every nook and cranny of HOSPIS. Well he couldn’t walk anymore than 50 metres before he gets tires out easily. So I pretty much had to bring him around with a wheel chair. He was one chirpy talkative kid. The only thing that displeased him? HOSPIS was not equipped with Play Station 2. By the end of the day, I was probably the one who was breathless. But I can’t resist his request. He was just too cute. Tells me that having my own kids would probably just be as tiring if not worse.

Ok I’ve been asked a gazillion times, where did I apply for internship? Most close family members and friends know. So if you guys are interested, message me and I’ll tell you. Well GHKL is my first and only choice in KL. The rest ask me yourself. I can hear the gasps. ONLY ONE KL CHOICE? Yeah I have my reasons.

1. If all KL hosps are full, I do not want to end up in Kangar.
2. After much thought over the year ( I was debating between staying in Msia or not), I finally decided that I wanted a more laid back lifestyle for the next couple of years first.
3. I want to be close to my family but I also want my freedom. I do not have to justify my every move
4. KL traffic is sickening.
5. I’ll get thrown out after 2 years, so what difference does it make?
6. I won’t get to shop and spend as much.

But if I do get KL, of course I’ll be more than happy. Reasons:

1. Mom cooks for me, maid to do my laundry and clean my room
2. Shopping haven. Enough said.
3. My beautician is here. A huge factor.
4. I get to see the HOSPIS patients more frequent.
5. The bulk of friends are here.
6. Don’t have to waste annual leaves to come back KL.

So I am still going to do USMLE? I really don’t know. Mom said if she ever strikes the 20 million lottery, she’ll send me on the next flight to UK to pursue MRCOG. No need to work. Since it is hardly to occur, I didn’t bother correcting her that it is not easy to practice in UK with a local degree. Half a year ago, I was superbly determined to go ahead with USMLE. That was until a lecturer told me that doing OnG in US has its cons. Different ethics, protocols and what’s not. Initially was I still skeptical. Well it wasn’t until that I found out that I was not able to make it for next year’s entrance, I let the thought go. Dad was more than relieved. On the other hand, I could still make it for MRCOG part 1 early next year. But at the rate I am NOT studying this hols, we’ll see. Late next year seems like a better option. But that would be taken in Spore. The good thing about the new internship now is that we can specialize right after. So if I do get a place to do my masters with the part 1 results then I’ll probably stay. Another lecturer has drawn the options and ways for me to do the masters here. I am thankful. So the steps are laid out. My second options? PAeds or Psychiatry I suppose. If things don’t according to plans, I’ll probably leave. So as said, we’ll see… Dad is keen on me doing opthal or geriatrics. He has this thing for these 2 specialties. Preferably something less taxing or demanding. Nah.. doubt I would.

p/s: unfortunately I am unable to attend our sponsor’s open house this Thursday.

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