Saturday, October 18, 2008


Daddy was the probably happiest man on earth since the day I finish med school. First, his eldest brat (me!!) is now a doctor and secondly he is counting his returns. Ughh.. that is the scary part for me. He and Uncle Ronnie share this personal joke. They were going to an Indian temple to get their names changed. MANIKAM (money come)!!! It’s pay back time for their working kids. Uncle Ronnie has finally come back for good after staying in the US for 17 years. I love him!!!

Anyway daddy was busy doing some calculations last night. Initially I have no idea what. Then he produced a slip of paper and proudly said “I’ll manage your funds till you have your own family.” GULP!!! I mean it’s good to have my daddy watch my funds, invest the money and he’s a pro in it. But it would also mean that my spending would still be monitored. So the slip of paper goes:

My nett pay is divided to:

30% savings

5% unit trust

15% parental returns

40% own use

Double GULPS!!!

Yes yes daddy said a million times, in order to survive in times of recession (which is soon), one need to have a minimal of 30% of nett pay monthly or 8 months pay in savings to survive through bad times. The 40% covers rental, utilities (if I don’t get KL), petrol, makan (l should be able to cut down here), facial (compulsory) and shopping (hopefully I won’t have the time to go ughh..). Actually 40% is more than enough to survive for the month but… I dunno la.. told daddy I’ll think about it. I have the sudden urge to apply to East Malaysia. Get that extra Rm1000. Arghh...

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