Monday, October 13, 2008


At sharp 7 this morning, daddy was banging on my door “Girl!!! Wake up. We’re going PUSPAKOM. Long queues.” I haven’t waken up this early ever since graduation. Ughh.. it really sucked. Not that I had much of a choice. If I had chose to rebel, I would never see the daylight of my car again. See my dad lost the grant of my car (daddy hates that word because the car is under his name) and my road tax expires today. And the grant is to renew the road tax and getting the car insured. Sigh.. so gotta start from scratch. Daddy has already made a police report. So today we were going to PUSPAKOM to get the HONDA CITY checked. Thank goodness PUSPAKOM was only 10 mins away from home.

The place was pretty much deserted. I was kind of expecting a 2 km queue of commercial vehicles and cabs. But there were only 6 cars in fronts of us. We are to go through this express lane with multiple stops. Reminds me of my short OSCE stations actually. But I had to fill a couple of forms first and with the mad dash out of the house this morning I forgot to bring a pen along. So I marched into the office (daddy was safeguarding my car) to borrow one.

PUSPAKOM officer: selamat pagi
Me: Pagi. Nak pinjam pen boleh?
Him: oh u nak pen dik? Saya ambilkan ya. Boleh tunggu ya? (smile, smile..)
Me: restraining myself not to role my eyes.. stop flirting and give me the pen..

I forgot to mention that I was donned in t shirt and jeans. The same t shirt I wore to sleep because I was just too lazy to change. With spectacles too. In too much of a hurry this morning. Did not have the time to put on my colour contacts. Well I’ll probably still look gorgeous wearing a guni sack and a paper back over my head. So anyhow I got the pen, filled the forms and my car was off for examination.. I was asking daddy.. since we are already here let’s change the car to my name? (changing ownership requires another round of checking in PUSPAKOM). Daddy said “ dream on girl.” Sulked..

1st stop: check engine/ caisis
2nd stop: the next officer was pulling out the rubbers by the doors.. out of curiosity I asked what in the world was he doing.. he said “ tengok kereta pernah potong tak.” Gasped.. ok apparently some scoundrels ‘potong’ cars then join the different parts. I was imagining how a front half of a BMW joined to a back half of a proton would look like. Yikes..
3rd stop: checking for tinted glass
4th stop: The last officer went under the car.. I don’t know what he was checking for
5th stop: waiting for results

Conclusion: my car passed!!!

Whee…. I am so happy.. pat pat pat baby.. Now I know how it feels like when your kid graduate from university. Holding my car report was like looking at my OSCE results.
I think I am not getting a new car so soon after all. Since my baby just graduated and it means getting a new grant, she (yes I gave it a gender) deserves a treat. The car is after all physically damaged thanks to me. I parked under an air con once. Well I didn’t know the dripping water from it was acidic and it was capable of peeling the paint off. Ya ya plus the couple of stagnant walls that I banged too. Give me a break. That was old story anyway. But now I’ll get my baby fixed back up. Redo the paint. Probably to something metallic. She deserves it.

I am crawling back into bed after this.

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